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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] [LANG] Release Commons Lang 3.0 (based on RC2)
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2011 15:30:53 GMT
Le 09/04/2011 07:06, Henri Yandell a écrit :
> Lang is ready to consider 3.0 release again.
> RC2 is available here:
> Maven artifacts:
> Website:
> Note that there is a 2.6->3.0 Clirr report in the site that may prove useful:
> This vote will close in 72 hours, 0400 GMT 31-March 2010
> ================
>     [ ] +1
>     [ ] -1, with reason
> ================


In the userguide, the subsection titles style refer to lang as the
top-level package name instead of lang3.

>From the comments above it, I guess the str == "true" check at the
beginning of BooleanUtils.toBooleanObject(String str) is voluntary and
is an optimization. It should be declared as such by adding an exclusion
filter in findbugs so it does not appear.

The various null returns other methods of the same BooleanUtils class
also seem to be OK since they are documented in javadoc. So they should
also be filtered out from findbugs report.

When I generate the site locally, I get an additional findbugs error not
shown in the site linked above. This error reads:

Null pointer dereference of System.err in

I don't understand this error. The findbugs version seem to be the same
in both cases (1.3.9).

Concerning the error in ExtendedMessageFormat, it seems the superclass
does call applyPattern from its constructor. As one cannot initialize
any field before the superconstructor is called, it seems impossible to
fix this error. As there is a check against null at the very beginning,
it is probably OK and should be filtered out. However, I would like to
see someone else analyze this error too.


> Hen
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