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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [ALL] Commons Attic
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 06:17:01 GMT
I'm having a problem distinguishing "dormant" from "attic".  Just because one had releases
and the other didn't they should go to different places for their final resting place?  

I'm not really clear on what happens to incubator projects that fail. I know there is no "incubator
dormant" or "incubator attic" and I don't believe any incubator projects have ever moved to
the attic.

I'm not clear why commons should have an attic (or dormant) subproject.  The attic is perfectly
capable of housing Commons Jelly. It already contains several Jakarta subprojects.

My proposal would be to move all of the dormant subprojects and any inactive proper projects
to Apache Attic.


On Apr 10, 2011, at 10:12 PM, Henri Yandell wrote:

> Currently we have 3 areas in which components live:
> * Proper: Released components.
> * Sandbox: Active pre-release components.
> * Dormant: Inactive pre-release components.
> There's an obvious (to me) need for Proper to split into active and
> inactive. Given the existing name, inactive proper = attic.
> So:
> * Proposal #1: Create a Commons Attic.
> An alternative is to send our attic'd items to the Apache Attic; but I
> think we're enough of a mini-ecosystem that it makes sense to manage
> our Attic'd components locally. Moving into the Commons Attic would be
> very simple; we'd keep permissions etc and do more around updating the
> components website to indicate it's now in the Attic. We might go as
> far as to close down its JIRA.
> Next up is to identify the first candidate to a Commons Attic. Jelly
> is the lucky winner (by looking at dates in SVN).
> It hasn't had a commit in a year, and its last meaningful commit (to a
> user) was in December 2008.
> So:
> * Proposal #2:  Move Jelly to Commons Attic.
> Hen
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