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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [lang] Remaining work
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2011 10:23:45 GMT
Hi Hen,

Henri Yandell wrote:

> Here's the remaining list that I know of for 3.0:
> 1) The thread on Pair appears to have quietened down and there's code
> in svn. Considering this [DONE].
> 2) Oliver proposed the translators be modified to accept a Range as
> the API. Might be possible.
> 3) Stephen pointed out there were methods with @since 3.0 missing.
> I've gone through and fixed a lot of these using the Clirr report from
> 2.6. One pain is that we don't have the @since 2.5 and @since 2.6
> items in here. So a minor action item to look at the 2.6 source and
> copy both of those sets of @sinces over.
> 4) Stephen urged that we revisit StringUtils to see what else can move
> to CharSequence.
> 5) Stephen recommended that CharSequenceUtils move into StringUtils.
> This seems fair, CharSequenceUtils is never going to get a lot of
> methods unless we move half of StringUtils out and make it feel very
> odd. [DONE].
> 6) Stephen reported that the DateUtils UTC constant isn't threadsafe
> (thus copied to DateFormatUtils) and that we should look to remove it.

7) Identify and remove superfluous methods (because of vararg usage). 
Example: WordUtls.capitalize(String) and WordUtils.capitalize(String, 
char...). The former is superfluous, because a call to 
WordUtils.capitalize("foo") will work nevertheless (and without an 
additional nested call).

- Jörg

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