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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject [lang] Remaining work
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2011 04:39:37 GMT
Here's the remaining list that I know of for 3.0:

1) The thread on Pair appears to have quietened down and there's code
in svn. Considering this [DONE].

2) Oliver proposed the translators be modified to accept a Range as
the API. Might be possible.

3) Stephen pointed out there were methods with @since 3.0 missing.
I've gone through and fixed a lot of these using the Clirr report from
2.6. One pain is that we don't have the @since 2.5 and @since 2.6
items in here. So a minor action item to look at the 2.6 source and
copy both of those sets of @sinces over.

4) Stephen urged that we revisit StringUtils to see what else can move
to CharSequence.

5) Stephen recommended that CharSequenceUtils move into StringUtils.
This seems fair, CharSequenceUtils is never going to get a lot of
methods unless we move half of StringUtils out and make it feel very
odd. [DONE].

6) Stephen reported that the DateUtils UTC constant isn't threadsafe
(thus copied to DateFormatUtils) and that we should look to remove it.

So 2 out of 6 done. 4 to go.


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