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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: Release hell WAS: [VOTE] Release Apache Commons Codec 1.5-RC1
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 23:15:32 GMT
On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 6:03 PM, Phil Steitz <> wrote:

> There is this cool command called "cp" that works very well.  There
> is another one called "tar" and even one called "scp" ;)  If the
> problem is that we want to be more paranoid than we are with the
> mirrors for the maven stuff, why can't we just get access and copy
> the files we want to put in the staging repo?

Yes, and there is a stupid little thing called "human", which tends to
introduce slight little errors on the way like wrong permissions,
ownership, missing MD5 sums, and the like.

Just believe me, if you did than once with 40 files or so, then you
start to like Nexus and the release plugin real soon.

> Or write a simple
> script that moves the kind of thing that I have sitting now in
> to the "staging repository" and another script or command that
> "promotes" it.  It seems ridiculous to me that we need to introduce
> a proprietary GUI tool to just move files on ASF hosts.

That would simply mean to rewrite the release plugin plus maintain it
whenever Apache, Maven, or Commons change their policies. Do you
really think that makes sense?

I am sorry for everyone who's forced to publish a release with Nexus.
But I'm much more sorry for everyone who's forced to do it without.
And, believe me, I've had plenty of both variants as a release manager
for various projects in commons and ws, and Rat.


I Am What I Am And That's All What I Yam (Popeye)

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