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From Antonio Petrelli <>
Subject Re: OGNL as a part of Commons
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2011 12:09:34 GMT
2011/3/1 Antonio Petrelli <>:
> 2010/12/13 Lukasz Lenart <>:
>> I want to ask you all, is it possible to include OGNL
>> ( ,
>> ) into Commons project?
> Personally I would like to see it as a TLP.
> AFAIK Apache foundation likes to see one project for one piece of
> software, Commons is an exception.
> (I would like to see Commons Math as TLP but this is another story :-D ).
> IMHO, OGNL is not "common", it is a powerfui expression language.
> Another option would be the code donation to the nearest project, that
> I think it is Struts.
> Anyway, ask the Incubator mailing list, they might help you deciding.

There is another problem: is OpenSymphony willing to donate the code to Apache?
It's not only a problem of "forking", because the entire copyright
will pass to Apache, at least for the donated code as it is (the
copyright will remain to OpenSymphony until the act of donation).
If not, you cannot donate/incubate at Apache. There are other options
though, e.g. forking and apache-extras.


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