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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: Release hell WAS: [VOTE] Release Apache Commons Codec 1.5-RC1
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 19:54:00 GMT
On 3/30/11 11:23 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 30/03/2011 18:43, Phil Steitz wrote:
>> I get that, which is why I think some kind of middle ground where we
>> provide simple scripts to move stuff around on the ASF hosts might
>> be a good compromise.  This is essentially what the ibiblio-rysnch
>> stuff does.  The only manual missing piece is correctly updating the
>> maven-metadata (which logically the assembly or other such plugin
>> could do locally) and maybe some kind of check to make sure that
>> things are deployed to the right directories.
> You might want to take a look at how Tomcat 7 does this. It is built
> with Ant [1] and has a separate Ant script [2] for uploading stuff to
> the ASF snapshot, staging and release repositories which also handles
> the meta-data.
> Timing wise:
> - creating the release: 2 mins work + ~15 mins build time
> - uploading for voting: 2 mins work + ~60 mins transfer time
> - moving to dist if vote passes: 2 mins work
> - updating the site: 5 mins work
> - creating maven artifacts: 2 mins work + ~60 mins transfer time
> It constantly amazes me how much more complicated the release process
> appears to be in Commons for what should be much simpler components than
> Tomcat (no Windows installer, no native libraries, no fun with different
> NOTICE and LICENSE files for different jars, etc.).
> I assume it shouldn't be too difficult to do a similar thing with a
> couple of Maven scripts.
Thanks, Mark!

The mvn-pub script looks like it could be modified to do what we need. 

I will see if I can get something like that working for the next
release I cut.  The big advantage of that over my scripts and manual
moves on p.a.o is that it is platform independent and does not
require shell access for the maven deployment.

> Mark
> [1]
> [2]
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