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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Release hell WAS: [VOTE] Release Apache Commons Codec 1.5-RC1
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 18:23:07 GMT
On 30/03/2011 18:43, Phil Steitz wrote:
> I get that, which is why I think some kind of middle ground where we
> provide simple scripts to move stuff around on the ASF hosts might
> be a good compromise.  This is essentially what the ibiblio-rysnch
> stuff does.  The only manual missing piece is correctly updating the
> maven-metadata (which logically the assembly or other such plugin
> could do locally) and maybe some kind of check to make sure that
> things are deployed to the right directories.

You might want to take a look at how Tomcat 7 does this. It is built
with Ant [1] and has a separate Ant script [2] for uploading stuff to
the ASF snapshot, staging and release repositories which also handles
the meta-data.

Timing wise:
- creating the release: 2 mins work + ~15 mins build time
- uploading for voting: 2 mins work + ~60 mins transfer time
- moving to dist if vote passes: 2 mins work
- updating the site: 5 mins work
- creating maven artifacts: 2 mins work + ~60 mins transfer time

It constantly amazes me how much more complicated the release process
appears to be in Commons for what should be much simpler components than
Tomcat (no Windows installer, no native libraries, no fun with different
NOTICE and LICENSE files for different jars, etc.).

I assume it shouldn't be too difficult to do a similar thing with a
couple of Maven scripts.



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