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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject [math] cleaning code
Date Sun, 27 Mar 2011 16:47:48 GMT
Hi all,

I have squashed a number of findbugs and checkstyle warnings introduced
by recent changes (more than one hundred).

There are a few remaining bugs for which I would like some ideas.

Checkstyle errors:

In class MannWhitneyUTestImpl, the javadoc for private method
calculateAsymptoticPValue has a N parameter in the Javadoc which is
wrong and two n1 and n2 parameters in the signature that are not
documented. I don't know the exact meaning of n1 and n2, could someone
fix this javadoc ?

In class MathUtils, method round(double x, int scale, int
roundingMethod) we catch RuntimeException to wrap it into
MathRuntimeException. I think we should not and should simply let the
RuntimeException go up. What do you think ?

Findbugs errors:

In CMAESOptimizer constructor, we directly store references to the
inputSigma and boundaries parameters in internal fields, thus exposing
internal representation. I think we should either clone the arrays or
document the fact we will reference user arrays and set up a findbug
exclude filter. What do you think ?

In CMAESOptimizer DoubleIndex class, there is a compareTo method but no
equals method (and if we add one, there will be no hashCode method),
should we add them ?

SerializablePair extends Pair which is not serializable and does not
have an accessible void constructor. Should we add such a constructor
(perhaps setting the two fields to null), should we have
SerializablePair not extend Pair or are we sure this does work correctly
and we should add a findbugs excude filter ?

best regards,

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