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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject [DBCP] The plan for v2
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2011 17:46:41 GMT
Don't let the title get your hopes up. I don't have one yet, at least
not a complete one.
One of the primary driver for pool2 was to make use of
java.util.concurrent for the pool implementation and significantly
improve DBCP performance on multi-core systems (re-using ideas where we
can from Tomcat's jdbc-pool). I'm at the point where I have some time to
work on this.

My very outline plan was as follows:
a) get DBCP working with pool2
b) run the jdbc-pool performance tests to see how much ground we need to
catch up
c) improve the pool2 implementation until we get somewhere close to

a) is non-trival and is really the focus of this e-mail.

Issue 1
DBCP isn't going to be able to use pool2 without some major re-factoring.

My solution is:
- copy current dbcp trunk to a branch
- rename o.a.commons.dbcp to o.a.commons.dbcp2
- update dependencies from pool to pool2
- get it working

Issue 2
DBCP also ships with the o.a.commons.jocl package.

There have been no jocl related questions on the users list since 2007.
To prevent clashes between dbcp1 and dbcp2 I propose to simply drop JOCL
support in dbcp2.

Issue 3
Minimum Java version.

Supporting multiple JDBC API versions is a nuisance. I propose switching
to a jdbc-pool style proxy approach. I also propose a minimum Java
version of 5 to align with pool2.

Issue 4
Will the new dbcp work with Servlet containers?

There were some concerns in this area with the pool2 re-factoring. This
needs to be tested but my turn out to be a non-issue.

I think these 4 issues need to be resolved before there is a pool2 or
dbcp2 release.

Assuming there are no objections, I plan to start committing along these
lines in the next couple of days.


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