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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [Math] As far as the @inheritDoc is concerned
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2011 22:02:31 GMT
Le 21/02/2011 22:13, Michael Giannakopoulos a écrit :
> Hello guys,
> Looking at the clirr report i have noticed that for example in the class
> 'org.apache.commons.math.analysis.solvers.LaguerreSolver' some function with
> the name 'solve(...)' have been added in the 2.2 version of the apache
> commons math project... However in the javadoc of those functions is not
> clearly stated that have been added since version 2.2 but instead it is
> stated '@inheritDoc'... What does this means and where i can find the
> javaDoc of these functions... Forgive my ignorance, any help would be
> appreciated! Thanks a lot for your time, you 're amazing!

The only two methods I see in this case are:
    public double solve(final double min, final double max)
    public double solve(final double min, final double max,
                        final double initial)

The {@inheritDoc} javadoc statement is used to avoid duplicating the
javadoc from the base class or interface. It can be used alone in which
case the javadoc for the derived class will be identical to the one for
the base class, or it can be used to copy most of the javadoc from base
class and completed by additional comments. In this case, there is
nothing to add and the methods where in fact already deprecated in 2.0,
and this is already stated in the base interface, which is

This seems to be normal behavior.


> Best regards,
> Giannakopoulos Michael

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