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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] the 2.2 release saga conclusion ?
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2011 17:04:20 GMT
On 2/13/11 11:11 AM, Michael Giannakopoulos wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> I'm sending this mail in order to be sure that i have understood correct
> some of the tasks and to ask for others...
>> * Review javadoc for typos / errors
> The revision is done from the comments in the source code in the repository
> for math 2.2 branch... (comments that generate javadoc)
Correct.  For this and most of the other tasks, the best thing to do
is to checkout the 2_X branch and run "mvn site" to generate the
full site locally.  The locally generated site will be in
target/site (where "target" is relative from where the root of the
checkout is on your local machine).  The API docs will be in
target/site/apidocs.  I usually review the generated docs and look
back at the source to fix / improve anything that needs work.

Do not hesitate to ask if you are having problems getting maven set
up or running it. 
>> * Review userguide to make sure it is still accurate and / or
>> contribute some new / better examples
> I have found the userguide in the following link "
>". However i cannot find the latest edition
> of userguide and i don't know how to change its contents in case i find an
> error...
When you generate the site locally as above, the userguide gets
generated and is accessible via the main page using the same link
that works in the live site.  If you want to open it directly, use
>> * Review clirr report and make sure there are no @since tags missing
The clirr report (under Project Reports) provides a summary of the
API changes since the last release.  You can see the report via the
link there, or directly here:

Any public or protected methods, classes, fields or interfaces that
have been added in 2.2 should have @since javadoc tags.  The clirr
report is a good way to check to make sure we haven't missed any.

> I have no idea what this means and where i can find it...
>> * Review changes.xml for typos / misleading or incomplete
>> descriptions.  This is used to generate the release notes, so some
>> cleanup may be required in this file.  Also make sure there are no
>> changes described that were either rolled back from or not applied
>> to the 2_X branch (I think I have already verified this; but more
>> eyeballs are good)
> I cannot find where changes.xml file is located. Can you please help me?
I think you said below that you found this, but it is in
The generated report is in
> Sorry for my ignorance and for asking these trivial questions to you, but i
> really want to help and to learn! Thanks for your time!
No problem at all.  Thanks in advance for your help!

> Friendly,
> Michael Giannakopoulos

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