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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [all] ASF branding and trademarks guidelines
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 16:51:35 GMT
I think we are in pretty good shape in terms of complying with the
guidelines [1] that all projects are expected to get into full
compliance with early this year (i.e., RSN).  I see one very small
issue and one rather larger one.  The small issue is the lack of a
"Security" link in our nav.  Otherwise, I think we are in good shape
on all items on the checklist, other than trademark attributions.

Personally, I see no value in claiming trademark on "Apache Commons"
or "Commons foo" for any of our beloved [foo] and I have no desire and
limited ability to add little "TM" symbols to all of the
gimp-generated logos that we have on component pages.  Before I ask
forgiveness from the ASF trademark gods on this, I need to make sure
that the community is in agreement.  If not, then we need to get to
work adding the little "TMs" and trademark footers.  What do others
think about this?  Also, Henri or someone more knowledgeable on the
trademark stuff please educate me if I am incorrectly characterizing
our options / requirements.

Please also have a look at [1] and confirm that I have not missed
anything else that we need to do.




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