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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [pool] help needed for pool2.0 - proposal for a release plan
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2011 18:48:23 GMT
On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 1:09 PM, Simone Tripodi
<> wrote:
> Hi all guys,
> I'm here to ask your help to finalize the 2.0 version of pool
> component, IMHO the following important steps are fondamental before
> publishing at least the first alpha:
>  * POOL-172: I added the MBean required interfaces, but due to the
> lack of JMX tests the issue shouldn't be considered closed;
>  * POOL-176;
>  * POOL-173, POOL-177, POOL-178: these can be take in consideration as
> part of the same refactoring group.
>  * make pools fields volatile, where possible.
> Is there anyone that does have spare time to help me?
> Many thanks in advance, have  anice weekend!!!

I apologize for being very slow on [pool] recently.  Too many things
going on.  I have been working, however, on getting a 1.5.6 bugfix
release out.  All of the bugs marked 1.5.6 impact the 2.0 code, so we
need to get them resolved in any case.

I think we also agreed that we were going to rewrite the core
implementation of GOP, GKOP for 2.0 using JDK 1.5+ concurrency,
borrowing ideas (and maybe code) from Tomcat's jdbc-pool module.  I
would still like to do that.  We should all take a careful look at the
Tomcat code and also the concurrency stuff in [lang] and talk about
how we are going to do this.

I would like to get a pool 1.5.6 and DBCP 1.3.1/1.4.1 out ASAP to fix
the bugs that are impacting users as we work to finalize the API and
rework the implementation in pool 2.0.  Help on the 1.5.6 bugs would
be greatly appreciated.  Hijacking as this may be, help on the [dbcp]
bugs would also be appreciated :)

For me personally, priorities are
 0) [math] 2.2 release (almost done)
 1) [pool] 1.5.6
 2) [dbcp] 1.3.1/1.4.1
 3) [pool] 2.0
 4) [dbcp] 2.0

I would very much like to be involved in the pool rewrite, so any help
I can get with 1) and 2) would be greatly appreciated.


> Simo
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