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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [Math] Explanations for MATH-459
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2011 09:59:56 GMT
Hi Michael,

Le 09/01/2011 08:58, Michael Giannakopoulos a écrit :
> Thanks a lot for the explanation! One question that i have is this: Commons
> Math libraries don't include a package with
> 'org.apache.commmons.math.exception' (at least as far as the version 2.1 is
> concerned...). Is there another version that includes this package or i
> should create it while fixing this issue???

There has already been much work on this in the subversion repository.
There are currently two versions : a branch for the 2.2 version that
should be published very soon now and the trunk were development for 3.0
is done. The new exception package is in both versions. When some
exceptions could be added in a compatible way, they were added in both
the 2.X branch and in the 3.0 trunk. When the new exceptions broke
compatibility, they were added only in the trunk.

So if you want to look at this issue, check out the subversion tree to
see where we are today. As this will introduce incompatibility, it
should not be done on the branch but rather on the trunk here:


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