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Subject [math] Re: Concerning building and updating code from the repository
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 08:42:25 GMT

----- "Michael Giannakopoulos" <> a écrit :

> Hello guys,

Hi Michael,

First, please add a [math] marker when you post on this shared list.

> I'm facing a small problem here... I use eclipse in order to see the
> version
> of the current code from the repository (via svn...). I download all
> all the
> files in the repository and i create a new java project in eclipse...
> The
> problem is that i cannot merge all the source files with the test
> files in
> the same packages so as to be able to call these classes for my own
> methods
> (to see how they work [black box strategy ;-) ])... This happens
> because
> '.svn' folders contain files that affect the synchronization of only
> one of
> the two categories (main or test files) at the same time... What can i
> do
> about this??? I have pulled out all my hair and i didn't come up with

I don't understand your question.
I also work with eclipse and synchronization is fine. I create the Java project
from top level directory (the one with pom.xml). From there, I configure the
build path to include src/main/java, src/main/resources, src/test/java and
src/test/resources. I use subclipse as my subversion plugin in eclipse.

Everything works perfectly and all files in all directories are updated without a glitch.

How is your setup ?

best regards,

> a
> solution... I admit that is a question by an amateur but i really want
> your
> help so as to commit responsibly any changes that i have made to the
> repository!!! Thanks a lot, and forgive me if i don't post so
> frequently,
> it's exams time and things are quite tense... Thanks again!!!
> Best regards,
> Michael Giannakopoulos

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