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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Commons VFS 2.0
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 11:31:06 GMT
Hi Ralph,

Ralph Goers wrote:

> This is a vote to release Apache Commons VFS 2.0.
> [ ] +1 release it
> [ ] +0 go ahead I don't care
> [ ] -1 no, do not release it because...

Minor nitpicks:

1/ commons-vfs-parent.pom declares own snapshot repositories. Is it still 
necessary? Such declarations are not recommended by Maven folks anyway.
2/ commons-vfs.pom contains a comment that the TestSuites are not executed. 
This is no longer true for the version of the used surefire plugin.
3/ Something 
went wrong with the table. 
4/ This page recommends also Maven 2.1.0 to build although this version is 
considered as broken. Either recommend 2.0.11 (building with JDK 1.4) or >= 
5/ The table on this page lists httpclient 2.0, but we use 3.0. Bascially we 
could also provide links to the generated dependency pages of the 
6/ The dependency report of the core module declares httpclient as required. 
The dependency report of the sandbox declares the core vfs as required, but 
httpclient as optional. Either it's optional in core or required in the 
7/ New FTPS support is not even mentioned on as enhancement 
of FTP provider (see VFS-264).
8/ The same page lists mime FS twice (as supported FS and available from 
sandbox, while CIFS support is listed only once). Both should be handled the 
9/ lists loopy as 
external plugin. While it is not clear that it still works with VFS 2.0, 
there are more providers listed in the Wiki (icnl. Loopy): Maybe it is better to drop the page 
completely, create an own section in the Wiki for 3rd party plugins and have 
a link to this Wiki page from

A test building vfs from the source tarballs with my compiler zoo will 

- Jörg

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