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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [Math] Removing deprecated code
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2010 11:59:48 GMT
On 11 November 2010 05:33, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> On Nov 10, 2010, at 2:07 PM, Gilles Sadowski <> wrote:
>> Hi Luc.
>>>> Do we need a "task" issue in order to delete all code deprecated in 2.2 and
>>>> before?
>>> I think we need several different issues, depending on broad topics
>>> (exceptions, optimization, ODE, linear algebra ...), and most
>>> importantly several commits. I guess this will not be as smooth as we
>>> expect, so handling this in a few chunks would be better for us and for
>>> the few users who use directly the repository.
>>> This would also avoid only one developers has to support all the burden
>>> by himself, we can share the tasks.
>> Of course, I didn't mean that I would remove all deprecated at one fell
>> swoop. Several commits are in order, but we could create a single issue
>> (where anyone dealing with some part of the work would write in which
>> revision the deletion has occurred). My question was rather because an
>> alternative option is to not create a JIRA report at all, as it is pretty
>> obvious what the issue is with deprecated code :-).
>> One issue for everything, one per package, none?
> I would say divide it up logically somehow so that it all ends up documented in manageable
chunks in JIRA and the changelog.  Some depredations are small and isolated - no problem
just committing with a note in the changelog.  The more complex changes involving removal
of entire classes should be documented in individual issues.

Depredations? Is that what they mean by software rot?   :-)

+1 otherwise.

If we want to keep the JIRAs together, maybe create a main JIRA and
attach child tasks to it for the work to be done.

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