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From Dietmar Wolz <>
Subject [math] CMA-ES optimization algorithm
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 13:32:20 GMT
A new Jira issue was recently created
regarding the contribution of a new optimization algorithm CMA-ES.
Recently I implemented the optimization algorithm CMA-ES based on 
org.apache.commons.math.linear and used it for the GTOC5 global trajectory 
optimization contest It implements the 
MultivariateRealOptimizer interface and would nicely fit into the 
org.apache.commons.math.optimization package. The original author of CMA-ES 
(Nikolaus Hansen) volunteered to support me (proof-reading + testing) in the 
creation of a CMA-ES contribution for commons.math.
The CMA evolution strategy is a very 
powerful algorithm for difficult non-linear non-convex optimization problems in 
continuous domain. See for a comparison 
chart. If there is interest I will create a patch including the proposed 
implementation for evaluation. 


Currently I am preparing a patch containing the new algo - completing Javadoc 
and creating Ășnit tests. 

The implementation is already "ported" to commons.math, it is mainly dependent 
on the linear package.
It follows quite close, 
including the new active CMA covariance
update mechanism but without the noise handling capabilities. 

Some aspects could be discussed before the first implementation proposal is 

1) Should we use package

In Jira we already started a discussion about the target package - if noone 
objects I will put the stuff

2) Additional search parameters / boundaries

The CMAESOptimizer will implement the MultivariateRealOptimizer and will produce 
in many cases good results using the
default parameters. But some of the parameters should nevertheless be 
modifiable. Should we create an additional interface extending
MultivariateRealOptimizer which covers this aspect?

3) Output/Plotting

Since CMA-ES is stochastic to find out what went wrong usually requires to 
evaluate some statistical data 

optionally generated during the optimization. 
My proposal is to optionally inject implementations of an interface like 

public interface CMAESPlotter {
    void plot(List<Double> fitnessHistory, List<Double> sigmaHistory, 
            List<RealMatrix> meanHistory, List<RealMatrix> dHistory, int 

Implementations could produce text output or graphical plots, I have created an 
implementation based on the ptolemy-plotting library. 

Since a dependency to ptolemy is probably not desirable for commons.math I don't 
plan to include it in the contribution. 

Should there be a default implementation producing text file output as part of 
the contribution?

4) Random number generation

There is already a thread about random number generation in commons.math. Which 
method should be used here?

5) IP issues

IP issues should be clarified with the original author of CMA-ES Nikolaus Hansen 
who volunteered to support me in my 

effort to produce a CMA-ES commons.math contribution. 

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