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From Bruce A Johnson <>
Subject Re: [math] CMA-ES optimization algorithm
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 17:20:08 GMT
One thing that will make plotting possible is a project I'm working  
on.  Not ready for use, but here's a summary.

The amath4jtcl project  provides an extension for the JTcl project  
that allows one to use Commons Math Vectors and Matrices within Tcl  
Expressions.  In combination with my Swank project, which provides a  
Tk like GUI interface in Java, you can do scripted plotting via  
JFreeChart.  Plotting requires no changes to Commons Math or any Java  
code to be written.

The project is at:

JTcl is an implementation of the Tcl Dynamic Language written in Java:

Swank is at:

I'll make an announcement to this list when amath4jtcl is ready for  
people to play with.


On Nov 18, 2010, at 10:58 AM, Dietmar Wolz wrote:

>> Did you use the "MATH_2_X" or the "trunk" repository?
> I think "MATH_2_X", but will test with trunk. I think the patch should
> be against trunk?
>>> modifiable. Should we create an additional interface extending
>>> MultivariateRealOptimizer which covers this aspect?
>> No.
>> All the parameters must be passed as arguments to the constructors.
> Ok.
>> None of the CM algorithms do that.
>> No logging is a CM limitation and sometimes a problem (e.g. for  
>> debugging).
> Adding the possibility to inject a logger/plotter (for instance as  
> optional
> constructor
> argument) were only the interface is part of CM would not violate the
> "no external libraries requirement". But it would not make logging/ 
> plotting
> completely
> impossible when using CMA-ES.
>> The CM "RandomGenerator" should be passed as an argument to the  
>> constructor.
> Ok
> Best regards, Dietmar
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