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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] inconsistent use of random generators
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 12:37:52 GMT
On 11/16/10 4:16 PM, Luc Maisonobe wrote:
> Hi all,
> Some of our algorithms do use random number generation. I quickly
> reviewed them and found different ways to use them.
> Genetic algorithm use a single static RandomGenerator shared by all
> instances. It default to JDKRandomGenerator and can be reset by calling
> setRandomGenerator.

The shared static was for reproducibility of results. The setup is a 
little awkward there (as noted in the comments to MATH-207).  The 
sharing needed is really within a single full "instance" of the 
framework.  Different classes instantiated by the GeneticAlgorithm 
need to be able to share a source of randomness if reproducible 
results are desired.  I would see this as an exceptional case and 
welcome suggestions on how to remove the smell here without 
polluting the API.

+1 for ditching JDKRandomGenerator for a better default

+1 for uniformly making RandomGenerator the type of the configured 
entity (as it is in GA)

> Multi-start optimizers use a separate RandomGenerator for each instance,
> set by a constructor argument.

In general, I like this the best, though in some cases setters may 
also be useful.

> NaturalRanking use either a RandomDataImpl which is itself either based
> on a RandomGenerator constructor argument or a JDKRandomGenerator by
> default if the user did not provide a generator.

This is fine, IMO, but we should change the default.  The publicly 
exposed thing to configure is a RandomGenerator.

> Kmeans++ use directly a java.util.Random instance provided as a
> constructor argument (only this class can be used, none of our
> generators can be used here).

This should be changed to a RandomGenerator, which will allow our 
generators to be plugged in (the reason that RandomGenerator exists :)
> What about changing this to be more consistent ? I would like to have
> all our algorithms use the RandomGenerator interface, thus allowing the
> user to put the generator more suited to their needs (it can be the JDK
> one or a better one like Mersenne-Twister or one of the WELL
> generators). I would also like to have one generator for each instance
> set up at construction time. I also think JDKRandomGenerator is probably
> not a good default and one of the more modern generators we now have
> could be used like Well19937c.

I like Ted's ideas on making it easier to fix seeds for the tests.

> Luc
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