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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject [math] missing public methods in new exceptions
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2010 21:06:58 GMT
Hi all,

As part of the exception revamping in 2.X and 3.0, I noticed the new
exceptions that have been introduced miss some public methods from the
former exceptions. These methods were useful for some user code (at
least mine) so I would propose to reintroduce them to avoid regression.

The methods correspond to the accessors getPattern and getArguments. It
was first simply considered getPattern should be deprecated in 2.2 and
replaced by getLocalizablePattern, but now I think it should be replaced
by getSpecificPattern() and getGeneralPattern().

I propose to add these methods, probably in an interface MathThrowable
together with the getMessage(Locale), getMessage() and
getLocalizedMessage(). This will greatly simplify change for existing
user code.

Any thoughts before I implement this in 2.X and 3.0 ?


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