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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject [math] deprecating the ode.jacobians package
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2010 16:19:00 GMT

One large change that was done for version 2.1 was to add a way to
compute the partial derivatives of an ODE final state with respect to
both its initial state and problem parameters. This was done by creating
a new ode.jacobians package.

As time as shown, this attempt is really clumsy. Some issues have been
raised (MATH-380, MATH-381, MATH-388). The package is difficult to use
and it duplicates many features from the raw ode package. From a user
point of view, the current implementation is bad.

As I suggested in the comment for MATH-380, a completely new
implementation should be done. We are working with Pascal on a new
implementation which would be much more smoothly integrating with the
top level ode package and which would allow the same user code to be
used in both cases : with or without partial derivatives. The new
implementation implies adding a few methods to public interfaces, so it
breaks compatibility and cannot be introduced in 2.X branch.

I would like to deprecate the complete ode.jacobians package right now
to prevent people from building application on it, to postpone MATH-380
to 3.0 (MATH-381 is already scheduled for 3.0).

What do you think about this change ?

best regards,

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