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From Dietmar Wolz <>
Subject RE: [math] CMA-ES optimization algorithm
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 15:58:39 GMT
>Did you use the "MATH_2_X" or the "trunk" repository?

I think "MATH_2_X", but will test with trunk. I think the patch should
be against trunk?

>> modifiable. Should we create an additional interface extending
>> MultivariateRealOptimizer which covers this aspect?

>All the parameters must be passed as arguments to the constructors.


>None of the CM algorithms do that.
>No logging is a CM limitation and sometimes a problem (e.g. for debugging).

Adding the possibility to inject a logger/plotter (for instance as optional 
argument) were only the interface is part of CM would not violate the
"no external libraries requirement". But it would not make logging/plotting 
impossible when using CMA-ES.

> The CM "RandomGenerator" should be passed as an argument to the constructor.


Best regards, Dietmar

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