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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject Re: [math] Eliminating MaxIterationsExceededException
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2010 01:47:26 GMT
> Completing the fix for MATH-414, I saw that ContinuedFraction still throws
> MaxIterationsExceededException.  I thought it would be good to eliminate the
> use of the deprecated exception in trunk, but I got stuck because the
> replacement, MaxCountExceededException does not allow the initial argument
> to be passed and reported in the message.  In ContinuedFraction, we have
> {code}
> if (n >= maxIterations) {
>             throw new MaxIterationsExceededException(maxIterations,
>                 LocalizedFormats.NON_CONVERGENT_CONTINUED_FRACTION,
>                 x);
>  }
> {code}
> but MaxIterationsExceededException does not allow x to be passed in.  Should
> we add a constructor similar to what MaxIterationsExceededException has
> taking an Object[] to hold additional message parameters?

I've just committed (revision 1040003) the addition of a vararg parameter to
the contructor that takes a "specific" message pattern. I also changed the
"NON_CONVERGENT_CONTINUED_FRACTION" pattern in order that the additional
argument will actually appear in the message. The exception would thus be
used as
  new MaxCountExceededException(LocalizedFormats.NON_CONVERGENT_CONTINUED_FRACTION,
                                maxIterations, x);


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