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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject Re: [Math] FunctionEvaluationException in UnivariateRealFunction
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 21:39:03 GMT

> [...]

Of course, I didn't overlook that you just ask for a
  @throws FunctionEvaluationException when the evaluation failed.
Javadoc comment.

I'm just reluctant to publicize a guideline that is not adhered to in CM!
Whenever a method is passed an argument that doesn't fulfill pre-conditions,
it throws an "IllegalArgumentException". But "FunctionEvaluationException"
is not a subclass of "IllegalArgumentException". Users who are passed a
"UnivariateRealFunction" instance should not rely that catching
"FunctionEvaluationException" will work in most cases!

So, should the Javadoc in fact be
  @throws IllegalArgumentException when the evaluation failed because
  of an invalid argument.
  @throws FunctionEvaluationException when the evaluation failed for any
  other reason.

Then, how do you extend your guidelines to make it clear when to use one or
the other?
You could write a document that would explain how good it would be if all
programs were using the same exceptions. But I must point out that CM isn't
a good example, with its policy of no dependencies. Why would anyone depend
on CM just for the sake of using CM exceptions?

Best regards,

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