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Subject Re: [math] Formatting Infinities and NaN in exception messages
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2010 11:52:43 GMT
On a linux computer in an UTF8 environment and using Java 5, I get the following messages in
English and in French:

Continued fraction diverged to NaN for value ∞
Divergence de fraction continue à NaN pour la valeur ∞

I don't know if it will be visible through mail, but the last component of both messages is
the single character that represent infinities. It is the same character you get using the
∞ xml escape sequence, or the ∞ html escape sequence, or the \u221e java
escape sequence.

So I think the JVM is doing a good job by itself here. Could this be related to limitations
or configuration of your display method (terminal, emacs, eclipse console ...) ?


----- "Phil Steitz" <> a écrit :

> Researching MATH-414, I am seeing this stacktrace:
> org.apache.commons.math.ConvergenceException: Continued fraction
> diverged to
> NaN for value ?
>     at
> org.apache.commons.math.util.ContinuedFraction.evaluate(
> The "?" should represent positive infinity (the actual parameter
> passed to
> the exception constructor).  Any ideas on how we can modify our
> framework to
> support formatting infinities and NaNs?
> Phil

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