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From Niall Pemberton <>
Subject [all] Preparing for Maven 3
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 01:46:23 GMT
The vote for Maven 3 is underway -

I have tested the builds for all the components in trunks-proper
(using mvn -Prc clean package) and they worked, except for test
failures with configuration, email and jci - but I get those using m2
as well.

Theres an issue with the commons-build-plugin which I need to look at
and I had a problem with the gpg plugin when doing mvn -Prc install on
a component. Probably the biggest issue though is getting the sites
working. The <reporting> section is deprecated in m3 and reports need
to be configured differently and a new (m3 specific) version of the
site plugin used. I've tried this out adding "m3" profiles to branches
of commons-parent and chain:

The above have a profile which *activates* when m3 is used - as described here:

This profile approach to support both m2 and m3 is one way - but would
create a mess of duplicated configuration in all poms. It would be
much cleaner and less maintenance if we just adopted m3 and dropped m2
support :)

I guess it will take a while for a consensus on this (if ever) but its
something to consider. In the meantime there is stuff we can do to
prepare for m3. It would be good to put reporting plugins into the
<pluginManagement> section of commons-parent. Quite a few components
are on old versions of reporting plugins, so testing and upgrading to
the latest would be good. The one I had most problems with was
Checkstyle - details in the commit log:


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