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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Apache Project Branding Requirements
Date Sun, 17 Oct 2010 18:43:41 GMT
With Shane's permission, I am forwarding this so we can all join in 
the fun :)

I have just started to review the material in the link below and I 
think we are by in large in pretty good shape, but the main site and 
some of the component sites may need some tweaking to make sure all 
the links are there and the naming is correct.  Thanks in advance to 
all who have cycles to look at this, open JIRAs and make the fixes. 
  To avoid duplicating efforts, we should open JIRAs for each 
problem we find.  Thanks!


Dear PMCs:

To better showcase our projects and the "community of developers and 
users" that all Apache projects belong to, please plan to implement 
the  new Apache Project Branding Requirements that the ASF Brand 
Management  team has published.

Since some of these requirements for project websites are new, and 
many  may not been clearly documented, it's expected that it may 
take time for projects to update their public presence to reflect 
the requirements. We certainly don't want to mandate technical 
requirements to projects, but we do believe that having some 
consistent elements and proper treatment of trademarks across all of 
our project's sites is important.

<snip> Reporting instructions for PMC chair </snip>

Please email the mailing list with all 
questions or suggestions (please do not reply-all, since that may 
include a lot of  different pmcs@!)

<snip> Stuff on DOAP (already done for us) </snip>

- Shane Curcuru
VP, Brand Management, The Apache Software Foundation
     bcc: board@

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