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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [math] speeding up percentile based statistics
Date Sat, 18 Sep 2010 19:05:55 GMT
Le 18/09/2010 20:43, Dimitri Pourbaix a écrit :
> Luc,
>>> On the other hand, the speed-up version would no longer
>>> be mathematically correct, as a rough approximate of the pivot would be
>>> adopted.
>> No, the exact pivot is used. Its evaluation is only delayed. It would be
>> correct.
> Given a **general** array, I do not think one can identify the median in
> just n iterations (i.e. reading the array only once).

It is possible using Blum, Floyd, Pratt, Rivest and Tarjan, or David R.
Musser introselect algorithm (which uses BFPRT under the hood). See
<> for the original paper
Unfortunately, despite the paper says another paper will be devoted to
introselect I did not find it and suspect it was never published. The
Blum, Floyd, Pratt, Rivest and Tarjan algorithm ensure linear worst-case
behaviour is depicted here:

I'm not sure it is *really* needed to go to these lengths and have a
guaranteed linear worst case behavior in commons-math. An average linear
behavior and worst-case O(n^2) may be sufficient in many cases.

Also starting with Hoare selction algorithm and adding BFPRT in a later
version is always possible as Musser's algorithm simply switch from
Hoare to BFPRT when it detects arrays splitting are not sufficiently


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