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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: [nexus] Releasing with nexus (was: Fwd: [VOTE] Release Commons Compress based on RC2)
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2010 11:19:36 GMT
>> We should release the bits that we voted on and what goes to /dist
>> *is* the release.  Therefore if we are going to vote on bits staged
>> somewhere other than, we need to do something like
>> what sebb describes above.  If wget is used, RMs should re-verify
>> hashes on p.a.o before placing the files into /dist.  How do the
>> other ASF projects using nexus handle this?
> I used Nexus for Jakarta BSF, but the non-Maven archives were uploaded
> separately (to my pao directory). They were not part of the Maven
> deploy, probably because the POM does not attach the package goal.
> So the vote was on two separate directories.

I think it should be possible to perform a wget and then check if the
hashes still work. That would be easy and if hashes are ok, the files
we voted on are the same as the ones the RM checked

The other question is: delete non-maven stuff out or not.
Compress 1.0 has everything:
I like it, to be honest. Everything I need on one place.

some other components have this too:

some not:

>From these components which do not have the -bin and -src folders
inside i found out that some even don't have -sources.jar or
-javadoc.jar (for example beanutils-core). This is inconsistent. I
already had a project were I was forced to include all source files
(medical devices) and then I had to download sources manually.

Here is my +1 to release all the files with nexus without deleting anything out
and here is my +1 for using wget and ask the RM to check the hashes
before he goes to dist


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