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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject [Math] Large commit pending
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2010 10:09:10 GMT

I have a rather large batch of changes to commit after working on the
following issues:

Not everything is fixed yet, and other possible problems have been detected.
I'll create a new "unified" JIRA issue to report everything that should be
examined as a result of this commit.

The pending commit affects pretty much all files in package "optimization".
[The removing of code duplicates necessitated moving some functionality up
the class hierarchy, which involved changes in existing interfaces and
creation of new ones, which then implied a wave of modifications in affected
Despite some important work left to be done, I'd rather not further delay the
commit since I already had some conflicts following the changes due to the
addition of "FastMath". [I hope that I did correct everything properly.]

So, please tell me whether I can go ahead with the commit, or let me know if
people need to modify any file in package "optimization" and wish to have
the opportunity to do it before my commit.


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