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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Commons Wiki] Update of "UsingNexus" by Brian Fox
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2010 18:55:48 GMT
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The "UsingNexus" page has been changed by Brian Fox.


  Notes on using Nexus
+ NOTE - much of this content can be replaced simply by referencing the new unified docs:
[[|Publishing Maven Artifacts]]
  == What is Nexus? ==
@@ -20, +22 @@

  == Preparations for using Nexus ==
   * All Commons components that use the ''org.apache.commons'' groupId are already set up
to use Nexus. 
+ However, components that use different groupIds may need to be set up. See the instructions
in [[|Publishing Maven Artifacts]]
to request adjustments to the Nexus configuration to support additional groupIds.
- However, components that use different groupIds may need to be set up.
- Just create a JIRA subtask under, for example
see: (Commons) or
   * If you have not done so already, create a master password.
@@ -191, +192 @@

  Otherwise, the artifacts will be deployed to the release staging repository in Nexus.
+ See [[|Closing the
Staged Repository]] for information about reviewing your staged artifacts and making them
available for others to review.
- To review the files that have been uploaded, login to Nexus using your Apache login and
- You should then see additional menu items in the LHS:
-  * Enterprise
-   * Staging
-   * Staging Upload
- Click on Enterprise/Staging and a list of your uploads should appear.
- Click on the appropriate one, and it will appear below.
- Click that and a listing will appear at the bottom.
- Check that all the files are there (currently you can only see file names, not contents.
This is a known bug.).
- If OK, right-click the "open" status and select "Close" (or "Drop" if you need to try again).
- Now you can right-click to download files (and drop any that should not be there e.g. .asc.md5
- if you can be bothered).
- Also at this point the "Repository Path" URL becomes active to others.
  ==== Send Out The Vote ====
@@ -232, +219 @@

  ==== React to the Vote ====
- If the vote passes, right-click on the "closed" status and select "Promote" otherwise "Drop".
+ If the vote passes, you can [[|Promote]]
otherwise [[|Drop]] the repo
and start again.

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