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From sebb <>
Subject [VOTE] Commons Parent POM version 16
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 09:14:43 GMT
Trying again, because the previous vote thread got nowhere.

Please vote on this so that we can move forward with Nexus, and fix
the current deployment URLs which are not "safe".

Note that components don't have to upgrade immmediately to v16, but
there are a few which want to upgrade and cannot until v16 is


I've uploaded Commons Parent POM version 16 to the staging repo:

The source is in the tag:
(which will be renamed on a successful vote)

[ ] +1 I support this release.
[ ] -1 I am against the release (must include a reason).

Thanks in advance!

Note: the changes since v15 are:
- dropped "transaction" module
- dropped all distributionManagement overrides (to enable the Nexus
definitions from Apache parent pom)
- dropped "ci" profile (it no longer served any purpose)
- gpg 1.0 => 1.1
- maven-assembly-plugin now attached to "release" profile as well
- added "test-deploy" profile
Changes since RC1 are:
- fixed COMMONSSITE-57 mod_mbox announce URL

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