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From Christopher Dragert <>
Subject [scxml-eclipse] Current State
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2010 21:13:33 GMT

I've begun experimenting and had some difficulties with basic functionality.  For instance,
it does not seem to have basic functionality of creating an scxml file from an scxml drawing.
 It only outputs scxml to the console, without the linebreaks necessary for readabilty.

Transitions seem to be bugged, as it does not properly create transitions in the output, giving
the following malformed tag:
<targetConnection target="active" event="start" target=""/>

This gives an error:
"SystemId Unknown; Line #1; Column #347; Attribute "target" was already specified for element

Shouldn't this be more like:
 <transition event="start" target="active" />

What is the solution?  Why does the tag 'targetConnection' even exist?

Chris Dragert
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