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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject Re: clirr for MATH-389
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2010 15:08:45 GMT
> > Concerning the items related to this issue:
> > 
> > 3rd item: The method is declared in a superclass.
> > 4th item: The constant is defined in a superclass. It is still "public" but
> > I think that it's a mistake and should be made "private" instead.
> No, it was intentional so users can explicitly refer to it when building
> the instance.

Intentional but still a mistake IMO ;-) as it's part of the interface
whereas the prime use is to allow to define a default constructor so that
the user does *not* have to refer to the value.
When using the default constructor, the user can always obtain the default
value with "getMaxIterations()".
So, OK to change to "private"?

> > Last 3 items: The field still exists but in a superclass. The problem would
> > have been prevented if those fields were "private" instead of "protected".

I suggest that access to those fields is also changed to "private" (this
breaks compatibility just the same) and I'll add accessors to be used by
derived classes for accessing them. OK?

> > So, what does that mean with respect to committing the changes into the
> > trunk?
> There does not seem to be any major problem, so you can commit your changes.

Wow, that's unexpected good news. It's a relief that backward compatibility
isn't that stringent a requirement :-)

> > I tried to see whether similar changes where present between 2.0 an 2.1 but
> > "mvn install" doesn't work on the source tree located at:
> >
> > [I've attached the console output.]
> It seems you have some network outage now, because the file is really
> there and accessible. Try it several times or check your proxy setting.

There is no proxy. I run the same command ("mvn install") inside three
In the first it fails, in the last two it works.


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