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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject [ALL] Specification version
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2010 10:57:06 GMT

since Sebb is going to modify the parent pom, I want also have your opinion 
about the current values of the Specification-Version in the manifests. 
Currently Maven generates uses the current version of the artifact for 
"Specification-Version" and "Implementation-Version" i.e. "<Major>.<Minor>-
SNAPSHOT" in case of a snapshot or "<Major.Minor>" for the standard release. 
However, in case of a bugfix release, this version is 
"<Major>.<Minor>.<Patch>". The ideal situation would be IMHO that we have

the "Specification-Version" always using "<Major>.<Minor>" while the 
"Implementation-Version" should stay the exact version that Maven is using.

This can be achieved from the parent pom using the build-helper-maven plugin 
and a proper configuration of the "archive" configuration element of e.g. 
the jar plugin:

============= %< =============
            // other useful additional entries e.g.:
            <X-Builder>Maven ${maven.version}</X-Builder>
============= %< =============

What do you think?

- Jörg

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