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From Sean Mickey <>
Subject LANG-411Thoughts
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2010 10:49:19 GMT
First, I hope this is the appropriate place for my comments / questions 
on a specific isse. It seemed like adding a comment in JIRA would be too 
heavyweight, so if that is the correct place for this, please let me know.

Regarding LANG-411, the description mentions 2 parameters for each hash 
operation: the first a parameter to hold the type instance to be hashed, 
the second a hash multiplier.

Shouldn't there also be a way to define a specific hash constant value 
as well? Joshua Bloch refers to this value as the starting value for 
"result" in his examples and the HashCodeBuilder code maintains an 
internal field named: iTotal for this value. It doesn't seem to make 
sense to add a parameter to the hashing operations for a starting hash 
constant value, but it probably makes sense to add mutators that allow 
setting this value across any given type. For example: 
setIntHashConstant, setBoolHashConstant, setLongHashConstant, etc. 
Default values could be defined so that explicit hash constants are not 

Interested for any feedback. Thanks -

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