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From Jacob Beard <>
Subject [all] preparing initial commit
Date Mon, 17 May 2010 03:25:29 GMT

I'm currently working to prepare the initial commit for my Google
Summer of Code project. I have a quick question regarding external
libraries. My project currently uses a few libraries which are
licensed under liberal, non-copyleft licenses. A list of these
libraries and their associated licenses is as follows:

Mozilla Rhino - MPL
Dojo JavaScript toolkit - BSD/AFL dual license
Selenium - Apache 2.0 License
js-beautify - something a bit non-standard:
json2 - Public Domain

Is it possible to include these libraries in the source tree of my project?

Also, for a library like dojo, which is large (about 100MB,
uncompressed), and composed of many small files, would it be better to
include a compressed zip file in the library directory, with
instructions in the README for the user to unzip it, or would it be
better to use an svn:externals svn property to point to the dojo
source tree, so that it is automatically checked out (probably from a
specific tag), when the source tree is checked out.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks,


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