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From sebb <>
Subject [compress] Use Nexus ? (was: Last issues before 1.1)
Date Fri, 21 May 2010 14:17:42 GMT
On 21/05/2010, Christian Grobmeier <> wrote:
> > BTW, I have just been working through using Nexus in the BSF release
>  > (not yet complete, but nothing to do with Nexus) and it does seem to
>  > be much more convenient for handling Maven artifact voting /
>  > releasing.
>  >
>  > The big advantage is that the vote can take place on the actual
>  > artifacts that will be released, not a separately generated copy.
>  > Also, the uploaded files are held in a staging area which can be
>  > dropped and recreated if there are problems (whereas normal deploy
>  > goes straight to the repo forge).
>  >
>  > Would you be willing to try this? I can help if you run into problems.
> I can do it with Nexus, but I really don't have a big clue of it. Are
>  there any documents I can read which are explaining me more on this?
>  To be honest its the first time I heard of it (except some mentions on
>  some mailinglist)
>  > The suggested approach is to start with deploying directly from trunk,
>  > i.e. a SNAPSHOT version. This goes to a snapshot repo where the
>  > contents can be inspected. It cannot be released from there.
> OK, so I would create this snapshot locally and then upload it manually?

You just need to use Maven deploy from a workspace with a snapshot
version (e.g. trunk)

I think this should work without needing to change any POMs.

>  Where does it need to go, is it a webinterface?

This is where it ends up (for example):

>  > When the tag has been built, the deploy process will upload to a
>  > staging repo instead, which can either be dropped or promoted if the
>  > vote succeeds.
> The tag is done by the tool itself?

Sorry, that was ambiguous.

The Maven deploy phase does not build the tag, it has to be built first.

I created the BSF tag as follows:

Fresh checkout of current code into new directory.
Update pom versions manually to remove the -SNAPSHOT markers.
Checkin as new tag. This keeps the existing history, and only uploads
the changed poms.
See for example:

Tag BSF 3.1RC2

Since the POM no longer has a snapshot version, deploy automatically
uses the "release" repo, which in Apache parent pom 7 is set to:

<name>Apache Release Distribution Repository</name>

This is part of Nexus.

You should already be able to login to Nexus
( using your LDAP
username/password, but I suspect that you won't be able to upload yet.

Given that the Commons parent overrides some of the deploy repos, we
may need to tweak the command-line to get it all to work.

Once the non-snapshot is uploaded, when you login to Nexus and click
on Enterprise/Staging you will see the code entry. Click on the Name
field and the code will appear below. Click that and a listing will
appear at the bottom.

Check that all the files are there (currently you can only see file
names, not contents. This is a known bug.). If OK, right-click the
"open" status and select "Close" (or "Drop" if you need to try again).

Now you can right-click to download files (and drop any that should
not be there e.g. .asc.md5 - if you can be bothered).
Also at this point the "Repository Path" URL becomes active to others.
For example for BSF it is

This is the URL you use in the VOTE thread.

If the vote passes, right-click on the "closed" status and select
"Promote" otherwise "Drop".

It's a bit more tricky to explain than it is to do.

I suggest we start with a snapshot upload and see how that goes.

Note: so long as the process does not reach the promote stage (which
means it has succeeded anyway) you can always go back to the old way.

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