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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Time for a new release?
Date Sun, 30 May 2010 19:38:37 GMT
Hi Ralph,

these are good news! Some comments inline...

Am 29.05.2010 23:12, schrieb Ralph Goers:
> I believe vfs is OK (and overdue) for a 2.0 release.  I started to do it but after getting
a key signed at ApacheCon in Oakland I managed to forget the password.  I need to create a
new signing key for myself to be able to do it.  Then it is just a matter of finding the time
and learning the process.
I have not yet done a maven 2-based release either. However, I think 
documentation about the release process is permanently improving. See 
also the recent thread about using Nexus.

> I don't know if you have built the documentation for Configuration 1.7 but I made significant
changes to it do document the new things I added. If you believe things are missing or unclear
let me know and I'll add them.  We've created a configuration editor that uses the Configuration
API to edit files stored in a WebDAV repository and it works well.  I believe the interfaces
are stable, at least in the 1.x branch. As we work on the experimental branch we may choose
to clean up how CC integrates with files overall.
Just had a look at the recent documentation, and it looks fine to me. I 
had asked about the stability of the interfaces because I had the 
impression that functionality is a bit mixed between ConfigurationUtils 
and FileSystem. Maybe in this area a clearer separation could be 
achieved, but I can also live with the current state.

> FWIW, we had intended on donating the editor as well, but the author left the company
and wasn't going to have time to work on it here so I've held back on that for now.
This would certainly be a good addition. But it could also be added to a 
later release.


> Ralph
> On May 29, 2010, at 7:36 AM, Oliver Heger wrote:
>> It has been a long time since the last release of [configuration], and their have
been numerous fixes in the mean time. So I think we really ought to get out Configuration
>> The dependency to [vfs] 2.0-SNAPSHOT is a blocker, so this would have to be released
first. What is the status here?
>> Are there other issues?
>> How about the file system stuff? This is really a cool new feature because it addresses
an actual weakness of the library: locating configuration files in a configurable manner.
But I am not sure whether it is already mature - maybe documentation could be improved, and
are the interfaces stable?
>> Oliver
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