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From Niall Pemberton <>
Subject Re: [pool] 1.5.5 Release
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2010 01:13:56 GMT
On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 7:57 PM, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> We have resolved a few bugs since 1.5.4 and the remaining issues
> marked for 1.5.5 are not that daunting, so I would like to get going
> on a release.  I will RM if no one else wants to.  Here is a summary
> of all of the issues marked 1.5.5 and how I propose that we handle
> them.  As always, comments / patches welcome.
> POOL-151:  I would love to conclude that this is a client-side
> (i.e., non-[pool]) issue, but the symptoms are strange.  We should
> try to get more info from the reporter (possibly recommending to add
> explicit synchronization to the factory's makeObject to see if this
> resolves it), but not block the release for this issue if we can't
> get it resolved by RC-time.  If we have any MQ experts out there who
> can verify thread-safety of the factories being used, that would be
> helpful.
> POOL-158: See comments in the ticket - simple fix.
> POOL-159: Looks like a reasonable enhancement request that can be
> implemented by looking at the size of the allocation queue.  The
> simplest implementation will not be 100% accurate, but probably good
> enough to be useful.  I am interested in others' comments on this.
> POOL-160: Just need someone to throw the OSGi holy water on what we
> are now generating.

I doubt anyone here could do that. But from experience even asking on
the Felix list really means nothing - because it hasn't prevented
issues being later raised. If you use commons-parent-14 then you'll
get an manifest based on the current advice given by the Felix project
- I think thats as good as it gets.

> POOL-155: My recommendation to essentially (continue to) ignore the
> real issue here is a bit smelly and conservative.  I am interested
> in others' thoughts on this one.
> Beyond the issues above, I intend to continue to chip away at the
> documentation deficiencies throughout the code. Many thanks in
> advance to any who are willing to help!
> I guess one more question to ask is what version of the
> commons-parent to inherit from.

You need to use version 14 to get the fixes for the OSGi manifest.

> Phil

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