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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject RE: [codec][lang] Provide a test jar plus [daemon]
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 08:17:17 GMT
Hi Gary,

Gary Gregory wrote at Monday, 5. April 2010 18:16:

> Seeing the discussion about [daemon] and not releasing made me think of
> another use for a test jar file.
> What I would like to know when evaluating an RC for releasing a
> maintenance of a commons component (from x.y.n to x.y.n+1) is that there
> is 100% binary compatibility.
> As part of the build I would run (at least) the 1.0.2 unit tests against
> the 1.0.3 RC. If 100% pass all is well, if not, it is either a bug or a
> known acceptable failure fixing a bug and should be documented somehow,
> probably in a ticket.
> This would mean that a release 1.0.3 RC would include foo-test-1.0.2.jar.
> And maybe also foo-test-1.0.0.jar and foo-test-1.0.1.jar, hm...
> Thoughts?

In practice the test jar is often not feasible. You will need the test 
sources, apply possible patches, compile the result and run the tests 
against that. This is simply because you will run sometimes in a situation 
where an old unit test verifies a wrong behavior that has been fixed in the 
new version. Therefore you need IMHO also a jar with the test sources.

If you really want to use the test jar as produced by Maven as default, you 
will need a mechanism for skipping single test fixtures or declare their 
failing as expected.

- Jörg

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