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From Oliver Zeigermann <>
Subject Re: Future of Transaction subproject
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 09:30:53 GMT
OK, so I have done some initial steps. Details are inline below:

2010/4/7 Henri Yandell <>:
> * Definitely should update the website to explain that it's been
> retired and why. I don't think this is a case of waiting for community
> to show up again (thus why I prefer retired to dormant), we're EOL'ing
> the component.

Source have been updated with a suitable explanation, but not yet
uploaded. Not sure how to move the whole project into the dormant
section of the site though. Any advise?

> * Should send an email out to commons-user/dev at the very least. Not
> sure if we need to email announce@.

Will do once we are through with all changes.

> * Make the JIRA read-only.

No idea how to do that?! Can someone else do that?

> * Tempted to leave the SVN as is, but make it read-only; rather than
> do a move to dormant/. I think we should avoid changing the svn
> location of released components.

I think the consensus more or less was to move it into svn dormant, right?

Can I simply check out the whole proper/transaction sub directory and
then move it to dormant/transaction? Or will that mess up any

> * Remove from the trunks-proper svn:externals.

Done and added it to externals for trunks-dormant (needs to be updated
once project has moved to dormant in svn).

> * Remove from CI systems + Gump.

No idea how to do that either. Can someone else do that? (same as jira
read only)

> I think there are a few others to retire:
> # Attributes.
> # Discovery
> # Modeler (consider)
> # Launcher (consider)
> # Betwixt (consider)

What about these?

- Oliver

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