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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [pool] 1.5.5 Release
Date Sun, 11 Apr 2010 18:57:34 GMT
We have resolved a few bugs since 1.5.4 and the remaining issues
marked for 1.5.5 are not that daunting, so I would like to get going
on a release.  I will RM if no one else wants to.  Here is a summary
of all of the issues marked 1.5.5 and how I propose that we handle
them.  As always, comments / patches welcome.

POOL-151:  I would love to conclude that this is a client-side
(i.e., non-[pool]) issue, but the symptoms are strange.  We should
try to get more info from the reporter (possibly recommending to add
explicit synchronization to the factory's makeObject to see if this
resolves it), but not block the release for this issue if we can't
get it resolved by RC-time.  If we have any MQ experts out there who
can verify thread-safety of the factories being used, that would be

POOL-158: See comments in the ticket - simple fix.

POOL-159: Looks like a reasonable enhancement request that can be
implemented by looking at the size of the allocation queue.  The
simplest implementation will not be 100% accurate, but probably good
enough to be useful.  I am interested in others' comments on this.

POOL-160: Just need someone to throw the OSGi holy water on what we
are now generating.

POOL-155: My recommendation to essentially (continue to) ignore the
real issue here is a bit smelly and conservative.  I am interested
in others' thoughts on this one.

Beyond the issues above, I intend to continue to chip away at the
documentation deficiencies throughout the code. Many thanks in
advance to any who are willing to help!

I guess one more question to ask is what version of the
commons-parent to inherit from.


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