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From Adrian Crum <>
Subject Re: [SANDBOX] Need Help Building A Sandbox Site
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 05:05:53 GMT
--- On Tue, 4/6/10, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> Adrian Crum wrote:
> > I just noticed something interesting: it doesn't
> matter what I put in the <id> child element of the
> <server> element of settings.xml - maven still tries
> to log into It acts like the settings
> file is being ignored.
> > 
> The settings file is just to associate the logical server
> name with
> your user id and the config settings in that file. 
> The sandbox
> parent pom specifies as the deployment
> host and
> associates the "id" with that host.  So
> it is always
> going to try to deploy there, regardless of what you have
> in
> server.xml.  The info in server.xml is to fill in your
> username -
> like a -l or a you@ in front of the ssh command.
> What OS are you running? Where do you have the settings.xml
> file
> deployed locally?  Should be in the .m2 directory
> (peer of
> "repository").  Also, the <server> entry for
> needs to
> be nested in a <servers> list.  Sorry this is a
> pain to get working.

I'm running Windows XP. The settings file is in maven/config. The <server> element is
a child of <servers>. I don't have a .m2 directory.



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