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From Michael Wooten <>
Subject [IO] Suggestions For Improvements
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 23:24:19 GMT
Hey All,

I have created some JIRA entries with suggestions for improvements to
Commons IO. None of them are especially important, but hopefully nice
to haves. I would appreciate any feedback on the ideas.

Here are the links to the JIRA Entries:
IO-198 Add ability in FileFilterUtils to apply file filters to
collections and maps ( ,
patch available)
IO-210 Create MagicNumberFileFilter
( , patch available)
IO-229 Convert AndFileFilter and OrFileFilter Constructors to Use
Varargs (
IO-232 Add Case Sensitive Creation Methods to FileFilterUtils
IO-233 Add Methods for Buffering Streams/Writers To IOUtils
IO-234 Add Methods For Retrieving System Directories/Paths to
FileUtils (
IO-236 Add "Read" Methods With Size Limits to FileUtils
IO-237 Add Additional toFiles() and toURLs() Methods to FileUtils
IO-238 Add sizeOf(File) Method to FileUtils
IO-239 Convert IOCase to a Java 1.5+ Enumeration


-Michael Wooten

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