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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject [LANG][COLLECTIONS] Beta releases
Date Sat, 27 Mar 2010 21:07:36 GMT
Possibly a query for IO too if it's 2.0 has large changes.

Given the large API changes in Lang 3.0 and Collections 4.0, a beta
release seems like a very useful thing (kudos to pbenedict for
convincing of me that months ago on IM :) ).

I'm interested in what advice and thoughts people might have on the
subject. Areas I can think of are:

1) versioning, does JIRA identify the version as 3.0-beta1; or just
have a 3.0 and treat the beta as an invisible release? I'm preferring
the latter.
2) Maven - does the beta go to the main Maven repo, or just tell
people to pull from snapshot (and make sure there are current
snapshots in the snapshot repo)? I'm thinking the latter.
3) Announcements - blogging, announce@ type announcements presumably.
4) Length of time spent in beta. I think we should define this up front.

The intent would be to get early adopters using and finding bugs, but
more importantly drive conversation around the API changes and suggest
new ones. I want us to be able to change an API without having to say
"Yeah, that was dumb - sadly we have to wait 'til 5.0".

I think both Lang and Collections are ready to have a beta release
asap - once some level of documentation is created, both proto release
documentation and something to define the beta testing period.

Any thoughts are much appreciated,


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