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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Nexus for mvn management WAS Re: [LANG][COLLECTIONS] Beta releases
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 13:58:54 GMT

On Mar 30, 2010, at 12:50 AM, Ralph Goers wrote:

> On Mar 29, 2010, at 8:11 AM, Matt Benson wrote:
>>> What was the release process for the sandbox component you and  
>>> Ralph released?
>> To be precise, Ralph and I had worked with Nexus on separate  
>> components, and as those were sandbox components it goes without  
>> saying that they've not been through the entire release process.   
>> We've only published snapshots, and as far as that's concerned,  
>> it's not _that_ huge a difference.  I feel that I have had less  
>> trouble publishing snapshots to Nexus than I had to p.a.o, though  
>> it's been so long I honestly can't recall what precisely my  
>> problems were--I have a dim recollection of the whole process  
>> going to hell and my having to manually delete stuff from p.a.o to  
>> get things working.  I also mentioned that "this is the way the  
>> wind is blowing":  it would appear that the entire ASF is moving  
>> toward using repository.a.o and in this case there's not much  
>> point in my trying to sell it, particularly as I personally am not  
>> known to be a big fan of mvn in general.  :P  However, I will  
>> continue with my stammering attempt to explain the additional  
>> benefits of this change, at risk of failure due to my admittedly  
>> shallow understanding of the whole process.  The primary benefit  
>> to the release cycle, as I understand it, is the support of the  
>> staging step.  From what I can glean from the documentation, it  
>> would seem that when Nexus is used as the target repository of a  
>> release, a temporary "staging repository" is generated for your  
>> release.  You then provide the staging repository's URL as the  
>> basis for the release vote, and, once the vote is successfully  
>> completed, you use the Nexus UI to promote the entire staging repo  
>> to public availability.  In particular, the best soup-to-nuts  
>> detail is to be had from 
>> release/apache-release.html which purports to be a start-to-finish  
>> guide for releasing _any_ Maven-based ASF project.  Noting that  
>> our own Commons release instructions have never _seemed_ fully- 
>> baked (and this is meant with no offense to any of the  
>> contributors to said documentation), what's available from the mvn  
>> team would presumably be a step forward to making the release  
>> process less onerous.  The referenced URL also mentions things  
>> like cutting the release tag for you, but I am pretty sure this is  
>> functionality that has existed in mvn for quite some time; in fact  
>> the details of how to support the RC-based approach we use @  
>> Commons would be my only question/concern.  As a member of both  
>> the Commons and Maven PMCs, and the other "suspect" in this case,  
>> I wonder if Ralph would have more useful details for us here;  
>> Dennis's input would be similarly welcome.
> I assume I am the Ralph you are referring to?

Do you know another Ralph on both the Commons and Maven PMCs?  ;P

> To be fair, when I was trying to get the Maven 2 build to work for  
> VFS I knew Brian Fox was setting up the Nexus repositories for  
> Apache and that they were meant to replace the existing  
> infrastructure. As I recall he gave me the settings to use to  
> publish to it, but VFS has not had any releases to validate it.

I did mention that there had been no releases.

> I've been using Nexus at work for a year,

Same here.

> I know the central repo is running on Nexus and I know the Apache  
> repo Brian set up has been running for a while now. I see no reason  
> not to use it. My understanding is that that repository is where  
> Maven central expects to find new ASF artifacts.

That sounds like more informative articulation of my "wind direction"  
comment; thanks.

> Other than that, I don't know that I have much useful info to  
> provide, however I am sure that Brian Fox would be happy to provide  
> more guidance if needed.



> Ralph

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