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From sebb <>
Subject [NET] 2.0 Change to nntp classes - using int instead of long for article ids
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 23:53:36 GMT
The fix for NET-276 involved public API changes so is not appropriate
for a minor release.

was changed to
NNTPClient#retrieveArticleInfo(long, long)

That can easily be fixed by adding the old method and deprecating it.

There are also some changes to NewsgroupInfo:

Return type of method 'public int getArticleCount()' has been changed to long
Return type of method 'public int getFirstArticle()' has been changed to long
Return type of method 'public int getLastArticle()' has been changed to long

and ArticlePointer:

Changed type of field articleNumber from int to long

It's not so obvious how to fix the API change here.

It also looks to me like the change is incomplete - there are still
quite a few API methods in NNTPClient which still use an int rather
than a long, and Article.articleNumber is an int.

Seems to me that articleNumber should be long throughout; also ideally
more use should be made of ArticlePointer (e.g. Article should use

I think the int/long change needs to be resolved before any release is made.

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